Vision Statement

To be the unparalleled leader in the distribution, development and marketing of natural and organic, wellness, and specialty food products by fulfilling the highest standards for quality, consistency, sustainability, product assortments, dependability, value-added support services and integrity in our business and personal relationships.

Mission History

To exceed the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders: our customers, associates, natural and specialty product consumers, suppliers, shareholders, communities, the environment and the planet.

  • To our farmers- To build and sustain fair and honest relationships and be a trusted, dependable distribution resource supported by innovative and effective sales and marketing programs.
  • To our consumers- To do our part to bring a wide variety of appealing, wholesome quality products at attractive values to the marketplace.
  • To our customers- To create partnering relationships of trust, integrity, customer satisfaction and loyalty. To provide the widest selection of natural and organic, wellness, and specialty food products of the highest quality, consistently high in-stock service levels, dependable on-time deliveries, highly competitive pricing, and outstanding marketing programs and services.
  • To our associates- To create a nurturing work environment for our associates, by acknowledging the value of each person's contribution to our company, entrusting them with responsibility, treating them with respect, facilitating personal and professional development, and by providing competitive, merit based compensation and benefits.
  • To our shareholders- To exceed the expectations of our shareholders by delivering commendable returns on their investments, and by being an enduring, successful and profitable company.
  • To our community and our planet- To be an outstanding partner in the communities where we work, supporting them economically, and making meaningful contributions to the quality of life. To use our strengths to support socially responsible initiatives that protects the environment and foster stewardship of the land.

Our Core Values


More than who we are, it is what we do. Every day, we bring together the farmer, the producer, the retailer, the shopper. Together, we make farm-to-family happen. To make things better for us all. For the earth.


It's a passion for the planet.

Seeing the big picture, beyond the dollars and cents. Getting natural, organic food to people while reducing our impact on the earth. And doing what's right, for all of us.


We adapt to serve.

We embrace change. It's good. When we meet the demands of our growing industry, we get better, stronger and smarter. We become more, to more people. And we discover what's next.


Here, integrity comes naturally.

It always has. This isn't about someday, this is every day. This is who we are, how we do business. From taking the time to wrap a pallet correctly to simply keeping our word. Honest, straight-forward and ready to get the job done right.


There were many routes, but there's only one direction.

It doesn't matter where we come from, how we got here, just where we're going. And that we're going there together. Bringing natural, organic food to more people every day. One mission. One company.


We're in this together.

Motivated and inspired to collaborate, because what's good for the industry is good for us. And the family farm. And the family of four that wants good natural food. Together, we are making farm-to-family a reality. And it's a win/win for us all.

Business Goals and Objectives

Ekologie Forte's business goal is to develop and organic value chain from the farm to retailer. This organic value chain will provide products for food, fiber and for cosmetics. The value chain will contribute and promote a healthy and organic lifestyle among customers, consumers, processors and farmers.

Business Strategy

The company is currently employing the following strategies for achieving the business goals:
  • Develop or collaborate with farmers groups though a process of contract production for organic farming. At present the company has contracted directly 4000 farmers for organic production and is working with farmer organizations through whom the company can procure additionally from 1500 farmers.
  • Develop brand for organic products for the domestic market. Tito's Organic is the brand developed for the domestic market. The brand will cover all food items including dry groceries, cooking oils, fruit juices and processed foods.
  • Develop brand for under conversion products. During the process of conversion to organic - the products produced by the farmers during conversion has to be also sold. To facilitate this process - the products under conversion is sold under the brand name- Milawat Free. This brand will all food products and will be dedicated to adulteration free food products including dry groceries, cooking oils, fruit juices and processed foods.
  • Develop a brand for organic cosmetic products. There is great demand for organic cosmetic raw materials and farmers also produce many agro-products used for organic cosmetic production. All the organically farmed cosmetic raw materials will be sold under the brand name OrganiQKosmetiK. Further, organic cosmetic consumer retail products are being sold under the brand name of "Tito's Organic".
  • Develop the bulk supply business both domestic and export markets. Continue to supply organic products to other domestic and retail brands. In case of export markets, focus will be made on organic cosmetic raw materials and organic food ingredients.
  • Develop our Africa business through the following strategies:
    • Import into India- Pulses like chick peas, green grams and pigeon peas
    • Export from Kenya to USA and Europe- Organic Food and Cosmetic Ingredients
    • Import into Kenya from India- Organic Cosmetics and Rice, Sugar

Economic Intent

We have achieved an annual turnover during the past financial years as follows:


Annual Turnover in INR

Annual Turnover in USD


























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