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Business Concept

What does the business do?

We, Ekologie Forte Pvt. Ltd. are a socially and ecologically responsible company. We are dedicated to the production of ecologically and socially responsible production. We deal exclusively only with products which are under organic farm management - either organic or under conversion products. Further to assert our social responsibility, all our packing units are operated by only physically or mentally challenged persons and we make special efforts to work only small and marginal farmers and no product is purchased from large farmers.


The products purchases from contracted farmers who practice organic farming. These products are graded, processed and packed and sold in domestic and international markets. The organic products handled by the company are sold for food or cosmetic or for textile production.

Business Competitiveness

The market for organic food products in India is growing at 20-22% a year. The market for organic foods is growing at an compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20-22%. With rising spending power of the growing middle class in the country and increased awareness towards chemical free food, organic and natural products sector will grow significantly in the coming years.In India,the market for organic food including exports is currently valued at Rs 1,000 crore.Organic foods industry presently is metro-based, with about 95% of the brands existing in top 10 metros like Delhi (NCR), Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru and other tier II cities.

Quality Policy and Objectives

To sustainably create value and to effectively and efficiently build customer and consumer trust, Quality at Ekologie Forte is to:

1. Guarantee food safety and full compliance by respecting our policies, principles and standards with full transparency,
2. Ensure preference and consistency to delight consumers and customers by valuing what they value and by offering products, systems and services that always meet or exceed their expectations,
3. Strive for zero defects and no waste by constantly looking for opportunities to apply our continuous improvement approach to deliver competitive advantage, and
4. Engage everybody's commitment across our complete value chain and at all levels of our organization to build the Ekologie Forte's Quality Culture.

Ekologie Forte's food handling units are all certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and the strictly complies with the food hygiene standards of HACCP.

Service Pledge

Our pledge is to provide our customers with superior quality, service and value. Consistent quality and service through our dedication to providing consumers with products of superior quality and value.

At Ekologie Forte, we take pride in what we do. We are an organization dedicated to serving our customers and our consumers. We are here to provide the best quality food to both our customers and consumers. We are committed to delivering high quality products because we understand the importance of human health and nutrition and we are committed to the wellness of all who consume our products.

Business Model

The business model of Ekologie Forte is to work with organic farmer clusters and aggregate their produce and then grading the procured produce, adding value to their produce by processing and packing them for sale in domestic and international markets.

In domestic market the products are sold in the brand name of Tito's Organic and Milawat Free. The products under this brand are retailed in cities like Pune and Mumbai through distributors.

Management and Ownership

Ownership Structure

The company is owned by Dr. Selvam Daniel and Dr. Vaishali Inamdar. They are the only shareholders of the company.


The Directors of the company in India are 1) Dr. Selvam Daniel who is also the Chairman and Managing Director of the company and 2) Dr. Vaishali Inamdar who is also the Chief Executive Officer of India Operations

The Additional Directors of the company in Kenya are 1) Ms. Francisca Nyanduku and 2) Mr. Sham Rajale

Business and Leadership Skills

Dr. Selvam Daniel: He is an Environmental Engineer and a Doctorate in Environmental Sciences. Dr. Daniel brings over 20 years of diverse work experience in the development sector as well as private sector during which he has predominantly focused on developing certification services in accordance to EC 2092/91, NOP (USDA), JAS, BioSuisse, Demeter, Soil Association, GLOBAL GAP, NPOP/NSOP, Shop for Change FairTrade and other environmental standards. He has developed inspection and certification services in accordance to international and national eco-labelling standards and regulations by being associated with the drafting committee for 'Shop for Change FairTrade' standards. He has also developed various business models for farmers like supply chain linkages, facilitation of collectives, agro-processing link-ups, and independent farmers markets, agriculture value chains for the textile and cosmetic sector as well as the dairy sector in addition to rice, and fruit produce for domestic and international markets.

Dr. Vaishali Inamdar: She is an Environmental Scientist with a Doctorate in Environmental Science. She has over 14 years of diverse experience in the development sector as well as private sector, during which she have developed and honed the following technical skills:

  • Standards and Certification Expert- Managed inspection and certification services in accordance to PGS Standards, EC 2092/91, NOP (USDA), JAS, BioSuisse, Demeter, Soil Association, GLOBAL GAP, NPOP/NSOP, Shop for Change Fair Trade and other environmental standards.
  • Agri- Project Development & Management- Extensive experience in identifying, designing, strategy planning and implementation, budgeting and cost management, team building, monitoring and evaluation as well as achieving targets - Experience in working directly with over 2 lakh farmers and 350 project clients throughout the country in developing sustainable agriculture projects.
  • Agri-Value Chain Development- Experience in dairy, food, textile and cosmetic value chain development.

Mr. Sham Rajale: He is an Energy Professional with his expertise in renewable energy. He has developed various projects related to bio-coal and bio-diesel production using agro-wastes and has successfully replaced conventional fuels in the food and pharma industry.

Ms. Francisca Nyanduku: She is a professional who has her expertise in international trade and well proficient with global networks of organic and conventional trade.

Business Specifics of Ekologie Forte Pvt. Ltd.:

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Year of Establishment


Banking Partner

Deutsche Bank, Union Bank of India, Catholic Syrian Bank and Citibank NA

Ownership Type

Private Limited Company



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